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Latest 21 sgf Images (approx. 3780 kb) as of Fri Jan 11 20:54:34 GMT 2002

How To Measure Positions

a) For Netscape, open the Java Console (Communicator | Tools | Java Console). For Internet Explorer go to (Internet Options | Advanced | Java Console) and check the Java Console Enabled box under Microsoft VM, restart IE and click (View | Java Console).

b) You will need to load the movie with the controls Enabled. After the images load PAUSE the movie when you see a object or structure you want to measure. Left click the position. You will see the position appear in the Java Console window.

c) If you make a mistake, press SHIFT and left click anywhere on the image to delete the last point.

d) Go on to the next frame, by pressing Next. Left click to add the next point.

e) Repeat step d) for each frame until you have all the points you want. Press 'G' with the cursor in the image to see the height-time fit. The best linear fit is displayed in the Java Console window (km/s for the velocity and km for the intercept).

f) This applet has been tested with Netscape 4.x and IE 5.

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