Description of various C3 vignetting correction files at NRL:

FITS files are located at $LASCO_DATA/calib. All GIFs are scaled between 0 and 50 with color table Rainbow18 (loadct, 38) applied.


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  • Derived by Matt Moorman using star brightness and position. The 3 non-pylon quadrants are a constant, theta-independent radial function. The pylon quadrant was derived differently, and has a significant discontinuity at the quadrant boundaries
  • Occ_cntr (center of revolution) is 516.3, 529.5.
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  • Derived by Nathan Rich from stars. Attempts to fit separate exponential functions to the occulter and edge at discrete angles (theta) described here.
  • Original vignetting correction computed by Clarence Korendyke from pre-flight data (I think).
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  • Similar to C3clearvig0.fts with an inverse-r scaling (radial filter)
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  • Vignetting correction from LAS/Antoine Llebaria, c. 2000
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  • C3clearvig_990812.fts with the pylon quadrant removed
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C3clearvig_nrl.fts ( = C3clearvig_010117.fts)
  • The LAS correction with no pylon multiplied by C3pylonvig_010110.fts
  • Center is 518.5, 529.5
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  • C3clearvig_nrl.fts truncated at max 50 and with some smoothing applied
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  • A pylon vignetting correction derived from a monthly background model image:
    • a. find model where football is near horizontal (3m_clcl_970101.fts???)
    • b. rotated 3.56 degrees and shifted so occulter center is at 511.5, 511.5
    • c flip image about center
    • d. replace bottom of a. with bottom of b.
    • e. divide d. by a.
    • f. do a ROI to pick out pylon and make everthing else 1.0
    • g. smooth
  • Center is 518.5, 529.5
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  • From Jeff Morrill, prior to Sept 2002
  • Center is 516.4, 531.15
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  • From Mike Andrews, prior to March 2002
  • Same as C3clearvig_990812.fts (M. Moorman) with pylon quadrant scaled to the adjoining quadrants
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