The disk movie format used by LASCO has been designated as an MVI format. A single file contains all the information necessary to display the time-lapsed movie. It has been written in IDL and is intended to be played by an IDL procedure. The file consists of three areas, a file header, a series of image headers, and then the byte scaled image arrays. All of the images have the same dimensions.

File Header:

    Number of images in the file
    Number of columns in each image
    Number of rows in each image
    Maximum number of images in file
    Number of bytes in image header
    Version number

    Extensions for Version 1 and 2:
    Number of bytes in file header
    Column center of sun * 10 (Version 1 not multiplied by 10)
    Row center of sun * 10 (Version 1 not multiplied by 10)
    Arc sec per pixel * 100
    Red color vector BYTARR(256)
    Green color vector BYTARR(256)
    Blue color vector BYTARR(256)

Image Headers:

    Header #1:
      date of image, string (15)
      time of image, string (15)
      file name, string (15)
      filter wheel, string (10)
      polarizer wheel, string (10)
      detector, string (10)
    Header #2
    Header #maximum


    Image #1 (2D bytescaled array)
    Image #2 (2D bytescaled array)
    Image #maximum

Last modified, June 9, 1997