OBE Memory Uploads

Written: DW - Mar 7, 1997

Memory Uploads to OBE

This command is described in the obe-cmds.ids.

This command has a byte swap within the words of the the message as seen by LOCS. BE CAREFUL WITH THE BYTE ORDER! Also since the command uses words rather than bytes, to upload a 4 byte integer might be done more easily by a 3 byte upload followed by a 1 byte upload after increasing the address by 3 bytes.

EXAMPLE: Upload 3 bytes to 0x26ec78

Use the Generic Message, OBE Upload Memory Command

Num of words : 3

Word 1 hex ec26
Word 2 hex 0178
Word 3 hex 0203

If the debug pointer is set to 0x26ec78 we see

Debug 1: 0301
Debug 2: 0002

The scenario file produced by this message looks like this:

Note: We uploaded 0x01 to address 0x26ec78, 0x03 to 0x26ec79 and 0x02 to 0x26ec7a