OBE Upload History

Written: 04 Feb 1997 - DW

Updated: 13 Mar 1998 - DW

Launch - OBE 67

20 Dec 1995 - OBE 78 uploaded

16 Feb 1996 - OBE 89 uploaded

28 Feb 1996 - OBE 78 reloaded

17 Apr 1996 - OBE 117 uploaded

26 Apr 1996 - OBE 78 reloaded

17 Jul 1996 - OBE 145 uploaded

18 Jul 1996 - OBE 148 patch uploaded

30 Jul 1996 - OBE 153 uploaded

23 Jul 1997 - OBE 222 uploaded

24 Jul 1997 - OBE 223 patch uploaded

12 Mar 1998 - OBE 224 patch uploaded

12 Mar 1998 - OBE 225 patch uploaded

TBD 1998 - OBE xxx uploaded

Version Notes

OBE Version xxx:

Fixed bug in Seq_PW iteration (first PW in second iteration was missed) Fixed bug when scheduling from LOCS during image compression caused LP to be repeated Improved Schedule Q flush - flushes LP parameters and scheduling parameters Added Repeat count to OBE activity buffer so repeated messages will not swamp buffer Added Reorder Wait Q to op_process_dump_memory Added extended header "pool" Added Summing buffer reserved headers 29 Mar 2000 - Found misdefined ext_hdr in nrl_extern.inc (increased to 62 entries from 10)

OBE Version 225:

Fixes Take Normal LP invalid parameter 20 problem

OBE Version 224:

Fixes FP Msg 16 default values

OBE Version 223:

Fixes TM Buffer Size DPT Defaults

OBE Version 222

Uploaded Jul 23, 1997 Booted approx noon EDT OBE Version: 17 Jul 1997 New communications fix to disable TCE Status Request during ICE mech moves. TCE gets a OBE Busy message during the mech move. This seems to solve the schedule Q hang ups. Added a delay to the cal lamp op. The camera readout will delay camera readout for the long pulse period for shutter lamp cal exposures. This will give time for the lamp to dim before camera readout. Possible fix in seq pw of polarizer wheel hang. Removed double move of pw for first polarizer and reversed order of filter and polarizer wheel moves. Increased Maximum number of SCB's to 1000 Allowed unpacking of bitpacked commands coming from planning tool OBE Version: 6 May 1997 ----------------------- Changed defaults for dpt and wl_exp_table upon boot. Expanded wl_exp_table to 40. Added num_wl_steps to op_wobble_outside Added wl_start_index to op_build_line_scan and op_wobble_outside Expanded Science TM buffer from 1069256 words to 1603884 words (50% increase). Added HCompress with scale factors 0, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 to image processing options. Hcompress source code available for trial at anon ftp maple /pub/wang as nrlhc.tar and nrlhd.tar FP Check and Correct Recovery is in progress. Science header -------------- Added Extended headers - Information that depends on image processing is added to the header. - Currently 9 types - FP, Radial Spoke, II Bright, II Delta, ROI Threshold, Sum Buffer 0, Sum Buffer1, Transient Threshold, Sum Buffer Difference Added Door Position to Image Headers - Upload Door Position to OBE New Science Header IDS is at anon ftp on maple /pub/lasco/ids Fixes: ------ Reinitialized SignFlag, nshift, SqrtFlag for each image. Allowed putting of "Reference Images" into summing buffers Other Notes ----------- OBE Size has grown to 125k from 90k -> longer to upload New versions of LADS, LOCS, read_sci_header are ready. New version of hk_to_db.file is in progress (old version still usable). New pipeline processing New database routines are in progress New planning and scheduling software is in progress

OBE Version 153:

uploaded - 30 Jul 1996 Planning and Scheduling Tool Enabled

OBE Version 148:

uploaded - 18 Jul 1996 Divide memory patch

OBE Version 145:

uploaded - 17 Jul 1996 High Rate Telemetry fix Make LP priorities all the same Block Schedule Command table added Header changes (exposure timing precision, processing time) Added fp_order to tables and header ADCT Compression changes

OBE Version 117:

uploaded - 17 Apr 1996 Fixed summing of mask, inverting of mask Status FP after moving to wavelength Inter-Instrument fixes Fixed 32 sec time jumps added SCCB % used Take Normal changed to status all operational periphs Allow iteration count to Take Sequence

OBE Version 78:

uploaded - 20 Dec 1995 Allowed scheduling of LP's by absolute time Allowed updating of DPT's by absolute time Increased Maximum number of SCB's to 500 Fixed ordering of LP's on schedule Q's Fixed time difference calculation, LOBT updating