Observing Sequence Codes (OS_NUM)

Created: 10 Aug 2003

These Os_NUMs are reserved for special processing of special image taking techniques. AltMech is a method used for taking short exposures of bright objects in the field of view such as planets or comets. The shutter is spun manually using the Alternate Mechanism command while a dark exposure is in progress. The science headers must be altered to reflect the filter and polarizer settings and exposure time. Short exposures as little as 1/16 sec have been done using this technique.

Summing buffer exposures are used when a speedy cadence is needed or summing of images is needed. the primary job is matching the correct image header to the proper image.

These specail images are require some analysis prior to being put into the image processing pipeline.

OS_NUM		Description
15900 - 15949 C2 Alt Mech
		15900 Orange/Clear
		15901 Blue/Clear
15950 - 15999 C3 Alt Mech
		15950 Orange/Clear
		15951 Blue Clear
16000 - 16300 Summing Buffer Observations