LASCO Activity Report for
May 1, 2000 SOHO Science Daily Meeting

Planner: K. Schenk

Event times are first frame seen in C2 camera unless otherwise noted.

Point of Interest

Planet Jupiter in C3 field from East side, as of 4/27 08:00 UT.
Planet Saturn in C3 field of view from East side as of 5/1 12:00 UT.

SOHO-111 Sungrazing Comet

Discovered by T. Lovejoy in C3 data.
A very bright Comet in both C3 and C2 fields of view. Considered SOHO's
4th brightest comet discovery.
Soho-111 C2 MPG Ratio
Soho-111 C2 MPG Running Difference


03:06 UT  NN West	Rising loop cluster in NNWest slowly breaks free.
			Considered probable backsided filament eruption.

12:54 UT  S East	Wide jet-like CME event.

15:00 - 21:30 UT	Temporary Data Gap


05:30 UT  S East	Very large event. Wide loop front.
			At 06:30 UT a second event occurs with bright
			helmet shaped front.  Continued outflow.


00:06 UT  S West	Small roughed LE with looping structure.

02:30 UT  S Pole	Rough LE event.  CME seen after SOHO-111
			dissappears behind C2 occulting disk (???)
			A very faint partial HALO event is seen
			from PA 60 - 270 degrees.  Considered BACKSIDED.

05:54 UT  East Limb	Small event, bright front.

12:06  UT  N East	Jet-like CME with continued outflow for remainder
			of the day.

12:30 UT S Pole		Ragged front CME with 'Split' LE.

16:54 UT  West Limb	Fast jet.

23:30 UT  East Limb	CME in 'puff' form.


09:06 UT  West Limb	Small puff with 2nd event just above it.
			Very fast CME blob.  Traveled though C2 
			over 800 km/sec.

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