LASCO Activity Report for
April 27, 2001 SOHO Science Daily Meeting

Planner: K. Schenk, G. Lawrence

Event times are first frame seen in C2 camera unless otherwise noted.
These are preliminary observations for the daily SOHO science discussions.
Final analysis is reported on the Lasco CME list.

Points Of Interest

SOHO-310(?) discovered M. Boschat in C3 2001/04/26 at 12:42 at
approx 13Rs, at PA 144
Mercury presently in C3's field of view, moving right to left
Details of C3 transits are available at D. Biesecker's 
SOHO comet website. 


01:54 UT  N East	Loop front bright in centre over streamer, 
			fades through C2

08:30 UT  N West	Ragged asymmetric front, brightest and fastest 
			over W. Cavity and core.

12:30 UT  HALO		Complex multipart event presently in progress.
	  		Bright front/fronts from S East over N Pole,
			and from N Pole to W Limb. Fainter extensions
			around rest of occulting disk. M7.8 flare in
			AR 9433. 918 km/s.
	C3 Running Difference movie.

13:30 UT  W Limb	Bright ragged front with cavity and arcades

22:30 UT  E Limb	Multiple-loop front with arcades and cross-hatching


01:31 UT  W Limb	Bright blob/ragged front

03:54 UT  N West	Faint loop front

09:30 UT  S East	Faint loop front

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