The fifteen Skylab astronauts-the flight crew of nine and the important backup crew of six-and the thousands of other men and women whose action and imagination saved the Skylab early on and whose continued skill and perseverance were responsible for its ultimate success:

Charles Conrad, Jr., USN
Joseph P. Kerwin, MD, USN
Paul J. Weitz, USN

Alan L. Bean, USN
Owen K. Garriott, Ph.D.
Jack R. Lousma, USMC

Gerald P. Carr, USMC
Edward G. Gibson, Ph.D.
William R. Pogue, USAF

Backup Crews

Russell L. Schweikert
Story Musgrave, MD
Bruce McCandless II, USN
Vance D. Brand
William E. Lenoir, Ph.D.
Don L. Lind, Ph.D.