Skylab spacecraft over Earth

Welcome to the NRL website for the SKYLAB project. SKYLAB was the world's first large space station. It was operational for several years after its launch in 1973, serving as, among other things, a space-based laboratory for solar physics studies. NRL was involved in the "Apollo Telescope Mount" (ATM) solar observatory that was attached to SKYLAB.

On this website you can find information about the ATM and the instruments it contained. You can also now download the SKYLAB/ATM data taken from the S082A and S082B instruments developed by NRL. The SKYLAB mission , subsequent data analysis, and initial film scanning was funded by NASA during the 1970's and beyond. The complete set of S082A images and S082B spectra are on film and these film strips were recently scanned into electronic form with support from the NOAA Climate Data Modernization Program (CDMP). At present, the data set is available only as TIFF files but these will be converted into FITS format in the near future.